Collection: Aurora & Ariel Petticoats

Discover Aurora & Ariel Petticoats, your premium A-line petticoats selection! Our diverse range includes various sizes from 35cm to 78cm, and different puffy volumes to meet all occasions. From mini to catwalk puffy, our petticoats come in classic black and white, ensuring compatibility with most dresses. Crafted from high-quality organza and pure cotton lining, they offer supreme comfort, preventing any friction on the waist and legs whether sitting or walking. With a sturdy structure of four layers of organza and one layer of pure cotton lining, our petticoats provide stable support for prolonged wear. If you want a plus size underskirt or if you want perfect fit, then you can also custom your own petticoats. Experience comfort and style with Aurora & Ariel Petticoat – shop now!