Collection: Puffy Petticoats

Elevate your skirt look with Aurora & Ariel Puffy Petticoats Collection, featuring lengths of 35cm, rainbow-43cm, and 45cm. In classic black and white colors, these petticoats offer substantial support, ensuring your skirt retains a beautifully accentuated shape, which is a little more puffy than dailywear style. With a sturdy structure comprising four layers of organza, the Aurora & Ariel petticoats offer stable support for prolonged wear. Our petticoats' pure cotton lining ensures supreme comfort. Whether standing or sitting, our petticoats keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed, with no irritation or scratch even during extended wear. We also provide custom sizing for plus size petticoats seeking customers. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of comfort and style with Aurora & Ariel Puffy Petticoats Collection now.