Affiliate Program

What is the A&A Petti Affiliate Program?

Discover the A&A Petti Affiliate Program, where you can join and receive an affiliate link or code to showcase on your reviews or websites, earning commissions for every referred sale. The application is entirely free, and we welcome any recommendations for our store and petticoats. The affiliate link and code remain valid indefinitely, allowing your followers to enjoy discounts on their orders when they click the link or use the code. Everyone can utilize the affiliate code to benefit from order discounts.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

  1. Click the "Apply now" button on this application page: Affiliate Program Application Page, then complete the fields to submit your application. Upon submission, you will receive an email to verify your application; please click the "Finish your application" button in the email.
  2. A&A Petti will review and approve your application.
  3. Receive a welcome email to join our affiliate community. Click to create your affiliate account, where the system automatically generates a discount code and affiliate link for you.
  4. Utilize the discount code or affiliate link in your videos, posts, blogs, or websites. When orders are placed, they will reflect in both your affiliate account and ours, and commissions will be paid to you.

Apply Now

For any questions, feel free to reach out via email at :) We're here waiting for you to join us.